Project Description

Planning and implementation of e-commerce

About the company
Driveman manufactures its own street-legal e-scooters for the German market. Premium products, intelligent accessories and expansion items are some of the unique selling propositions.

The challenge
While the regulation for street-legal e-scooters in Germany was still in its development, Driveman was already developing their own e-scooters. The challenge was to adapt the e-commerce system, the content and the marketing to the regular changes to the products up to the final approval of the legal road terms. With agile project management, we were able to achieve the goal and deliver a successful launch on point. My job was to set up the e-commerce system as well as to lead the project and team for the areas of e-commerce, development and online marketing. One of the best ideas behind the scenes was to publish 3D renderings based onto CAD data to be able to update the multimedia content in real time.

Special thanks
I especially want to mention Nils, Patrick, Michelle, Jens, Christofer and Christian for this unique sprint launch.

You can find the company here.