Project Description

Planning and implementation of e-commerce

About the company
WingX developed their own cavaletti bar building kit system. Working with cavaletti bars is a useful way of training every horse to exercise. The basic idea of WingX is to have a simple, stable and practical aid for raising and fixing obstacle bars, which makes training more versatile. This does not involve any disruptive structures that pose a risk of injury.

The challenge
Building the entire e-commerce infrastructure and social media presence in a very tight schedule was a particular challenge. In particular, the coordination and management of the various teams for a worldwide new product was particularly innovative and interesting. The interaction between multimedia content and e-commerce played a very special role here. The modular system had to be transported as easily as possible via social media. Based on OXID and various in-house developments, we were able to successfully establish the product on the market.

Special thanks
I especially want to mention Martin, Axel, Christofer and Jens for their great commitment in this project.

You can find the company here.